Project management, design & support

A project is successful if it is completed on schedule, on budget and as agreed. Thanks to their system knowledge and extensive experience in a great range of projects, our employees are able to support you in individual phases or to manage your project entirely.  

Project Management

Especially the introduction of new publishing systems requires extensive project management, combining IT and media production know-how.

No matter how big or small the project – success begins with advance planning. For starters, the human, organisational and technological factors must be taken into account and assessed. On that basis, the approach must be defined.

We deliberately adapt our project management to the type and size of the project, as well as its requirements. Our many years of experience with a great variety of projects enables us to select the right method, ranging from traditional to agile approaches.

Planning, management, implementation, design, support

Our objective is to realise high-quality projects on schedule and on budget. For an optimal experience, we therefore structure the management tasks into project definition, project execution and project completion. This minimises risks while allowing us to seize opportunities whenever possible.

Our experts are happy to assist in accordance with your needs – for individual project phases, project disciplines or the entire duration of the project. 

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