Valencia and WoodWing Aurora – Agency Work with Editing System

Valencia Kommunikation recently started using WoodWing's editorial system for its editorial section.

Valencia and WoodWing Aurora – Agency Work with Editing System

Valencia Kommunikation recently started using the WoodWing editing system for its editorial department. This enhances the agency’s efficiency for editorial work. The different steps are now taking place in parallel, the work is system-based and partially automated. a&f systems ag was the responsible partner and supported Valencia throughout the transition.

Story first – independent of the channel. The planning, research, design, creation, administration and publication of content is performed by means of a centralised process with WoodWing Enterprise Aurora. Not only does this offer advantages in publishing, it also opens up entirely new possibilities for communication agencies, such as Valencia in Basel.

The transition – Challenges and unexpected insights

The occasional hick-up must be expected when transitioning work with an editing system. Good planning and a competent project partner are crucial. Together with a&f systems ag, Valencia took the plunge to switch to WoodWing Enterprise Aurora – and it was a total success! Once a detailed organisation concept had been developed, a&f set up the system for Valencia and handled the administrator and user training. Valencia then configured WoodWing Aurora. The communication agency maintained consistent and active exchange with a&f throughout. Especially in the beginning, a few obstacles had to be overcome. For one, the transition required great discipline and involved a relatively high initial investment. Moreover, the new work with the editing system necessitated training, as well as a familiarisation period that had to be budgeted for. Nevertheless, the benefits clearly outweigh these factors: Thanks to the web-based system structure, all employees can access and work on the contents from anywhere. Revisions are made directly in the system, and the current version can be called up through the central data repository at any time. All steps can be performed within the editing system – Aurora serves as control centre, production repository and collection point for all contents. The fact that all participants – customers, editors, consultants and graphic designers – can work on a project simultaneously was a key factor for the decision.

«We are extremely satisfied with WoodWing and have already started to set up further projects with the new system.»

Yves Bucher, Project Manager at Valencia

WoodWing Aurora – Parallel work for greater efficiency

Valencia was primarily seeking a modern solution for simultaneous work. This could be achieved with the transition to Enterprise Aurora: Layout, text and images can be edited independently from each other. The editorial team brings everything together, and the contents remains transparent throughout. Aurora acts as an interface between programs, such as InDesign, Photoshop and InCopy. Last-minute changes no longer affect the entire project, but only the element in question. This holds true for both, print and online publication projects. The WoodWing editing system follows the “content first” principle. It is easy to convert a digital article to a print layout, optimise it with InDesign, and then publish it as a print article.

The cooperation between a&f and Valencia was equally smooth. Since agency already had some prior knowledge of WoodWing Aurora, the project could be realised expediently and within a short timeframe. The atmosphere was pleasant and open. Both parties were focused on the solution. The first application updates have now been installed, and assignments handled via the editing system are continuously increasing. Valencia is optimally prepared for the future with the continuous development of WoodWing.

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