ÖKO TEST AG switches to WoodWing Aurora

With the support of a&f systems gmbh, ÖKO TEST AG is now switching to WoodWing Aurora with ELVIS DAM. This guarantees optimal digital connectivity for all systems and real multi-channel publishing.

ÖKO TEST AG switches to WoodWing Aurora

The objective

ÖKO TEST has been advocating for consumer protection for over 30 years. The company tests products and services and publishes detailed reports on its findings in print and online. WoodWing Enterprise has already been used for the print production for some time. To achieve better connectivity and true multi-channel publishing, ÖKO TEST AG decided to switch to Enterprise Aurora and ELVIS DAM. ÖKO TEST was already familiar with a&f systems gmbh, a subsidiary of a&f systems ag, and it came with recommendations from the outset.

The approach

The transition of the entire ÖKO TEST workflow to WoodWing Aurora was executed over a period of four months. To this end, a&f created a clone of the existing print production system to update it as a migration system for Aurora and make all technical adjustments. In addition, Elvis DAM was implemented to facilitate utilisation of a modern high-performance asset management system for both, data delivery and archiving. Both systems were adapted to the jointly developed workflow concepts.

On the effective switch date, all staff were trained while the new print edition was produced. This allowed ÖKO TEST AG to transition to WoodWing Aurora and start using ELVIS DAM without delay.

«We truly enjoyed working with ÖKO TEST. All of the publisher’s staff are dedicated and open. The teamwork is exemplary.»

Henning Bartens, a&f Project Manager

The challenge

All the staff had to get used to the new workflow. During this phase, new requirements for the new system also surfaced as the editors’ know-how increased. a&f was able to adapt to all demands in a flexible manner and reliably supported ÖKO TEST AG.

A print-first workflow means that digital articles for publication on oekotest.de are generated from the print article. Production data generated on Aurora before the switch are not in line with the technical structure essential for multi-channel publishing.

«The switch to Aurora largely worked as planned. And when unexpected and spontaneous adjustments did become necessary, we were able to rely on the competent support of the a&f team.»

Peter Köbel, ÖKO TEST Production Manager


The cooperation between a&f and ÖKO TEST AG was very harmonious, smooth and in good spirits. The workflow was developed quickly and effectively. A competent contact was always available for both parties. All individuals involved on behalf of the publisher were open-minded about the project and took initiative in the realisation. The connection to the ÖKO TEST AG CMS was equally smooth. Further systems are now being added and integrated in a parallel step.

Your contact

Stefan Schärer

Head of Sales & Marketing, Co-Owner, Member of the Executive Board