Mengis Group banks on Enterprise Aurora

In the production of the daily newspaper ‘Walliser Bote’ and the weekly newspaper ‘RhoneZeitung’, the Mengis Group relies on the market-leading editing system Aurora by WoodWing.

Mengis Group banks on Enterprise Aurora

‘Story first’ is the new motto in the media sector. Content has to be distributed on various channels to meet the diverse expectations of the readership. Therefore, media-neutral content recording is crucial for a publisher’s success. The Mengis Group recognised this trend early on. In the production of the daily newspaper ‘Walliser Bote’ and the weekly newspaper ‘RhoneZeitung’, it relies on the market-leading editing system Aurora by WoodWing.  

The starting point

An obsolete editing system and outdated iMacs coupled with crashes and low system security – that was the reality at Mengis Group. A new tool was needed to meet the new technical requirements. It should facilitate channel-neutral content recording and ensure future-oriented workflows.

The challenge

The greatest challenge was the evaluation of the right editing system. This included defining the future workflows, the tools actually needed and the number of licences required for each tool. In addition, the new editing system should enhance system security and facilitate external work.

«The publication overview is a great tool for identifying where you are.»

Sandro Elsig, Pre-press Manager, Mengis Druck und Verlag AG

The solution

The Mengis Group decided on the Aurora editing system by WoodWing. In addition, InDesign is used for layout, InCopy for proofreading and Elvis DAM for digital data administration. The new concept also allows editors to create and edit their content externally. The overview app gives employees a precise production overview at any time, which means that errors can be identified and eliminated at an early stage. The new editing system enables identical production for the daily and the weekly newspaper, avoiding unnecessary work steps. In addition, the system environment is secure again.

The transition

The Megis Group and a&f systems ag worked together to develop a concept that ensured a smooth transition to Aurora without major problems. The new editing system was introduced in two steps. First, the weekly newspaper was switched over, and then the daily newspaper. Apart from the software, all hardware of the Mengis Group was modernised.


The switch to the new editing system was a major step forward. We were successful in overcoming all obstacles in the realisation. Naturally, certain automations and workflows can still be optimised further. However, the switch was completed within a mere seven weeks. With Aurora by WoodWing, the Mengis Group has a modern a future-oriented concept for newspaper production.

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