Galledia changes over to WoodWing Studio

How can a diversified editorial system landscape, which uses various software solutions, be changed over to a standardised system in an efficient and forward-looking manner?

Galledia changes over to WoodWing Studio

This is the challenge Galledia was recently faced with. Stefan Zimmermann, Head of Professional Media & Digital at Galledia, explains in the interview why ”WoodWing Studio” was the software of choice and why a&f was engaged as the implementation partner.

Mr. Zimmermann, why was a&f systems and WoodWing Studio the ideal solution for you?

Stefan Zimmermann (SZ): a&f had already provided one of the three editorial systems. We were therefore already in contact and a&f had an in-depth knowledge of the existing system landscape and production processes. WoodWing Studio was evaluated as an optimal editorial system as it links up all of the peripheral systems used by Galledia and was also able to optimally support the strategy with its channel-independent content processing, which had previously been determined.

«WoodWing Studio was evaluated as an optimal editorial system. WE are able to link up our existing peripheral systems and also pursue our channel-independent content strategy.»

Stefan Zimmermann, Head of Professional Media & Digital at Galledia

Were there any challenges during the implementation? How did you overcome them?

SZ: The launch of the current version of WoodWing and the simultaneous change-over of the workflows, some of which had been in existence for many years, was a challenge for all employees. The learning curve was steep as a result and production required a lot of support. Thanks to the brilliant cooperation of all involved, these numerous challenges were mastered with honours.

Do you have any positive memories?

SZ: The opinions of the internal and external project teams differed at times during the decommissioning process of the core system and simultaneous adjustment of workflows. Experience shows that this is normal and I was surprised that major disagreements were rather rare. The prompt and solution-focused way that differences were tackled will certainly remain a positive memory for me.

«The project participants at Galledia were keen to learn and showed great interest in the new system. The teamwork was brilliant.»

Diana Fenato, System Engineer Applications a&f systems ag

What were the plans for the digital business?

SZ: Some readers like to read articles both in printed and online formats. The WoodWing editorial system optimally supports publication through several distribution channels.

Which advantages does the WoodWing digital editor have for Galledia?

SZ: The “Digital Editor” can be accessed from any location with an active internet connection. The user does not have to install any client software. Neither an Adobe InCopy license nor a connection via VPN or Citrix is required. This significantly eases the strain on the IT resources.

«The technical know-how transfer was smooth. It is good to know that the support department of a&f can provide assistance whenever needed.»

Stefan Zimmermann, Head of Professional Media & Digital at Galledia

What was the cooperation with a&f like?

SZ: a&f provided us with an experienced and competent project team during the project implementation phase. Plus additional resources to ensure that more than 100 publications were migrated on time. The technical know-how transfer was also smooth. It is also good to know that the support department of a&f can provide assistance whenever needed.

The first issue of m&k will be produced with Studio in July – what is your experience with the new editorial system?

SZ: The long-term result will need to be discussed in a follow-up interview [laughs]. as of today, it can certainly be said that a&f has provided the agreed service to our fullest satisfaction and that the “WoodWing Studio” editorial system meet all requirements.

Stefan Zimmermann, Head of Professional Media & Digital at Galledia

Together with Galledia, a&f has developed a brand new server infrastructure in the VM ware environment of Galledia Flawil. The entire infrastructure is designed so that all existing and new publications can be produced in the system environment in the future. The next issue 06/07 of Marketing & Kommunikation is already being entirely produced using WoodWing Studio. This is based on a channel-independent workflow for the creation of contents. This makes it easy to create content, quick to publish it digitally and simple to use for print publications. No digital articles are currently being published through various distribution channels. This will be implemented in the next step. The conditions have already been created and ready to go thanks to the WoodWing editorial system, but the focus is presently still on the print business. The Marketing & Kommunikation pilot project was chosen as a high number of peripheral systems and interfaces are already integrated here. Diana Fenato, System Engineer Applications at a&f systems ag regards this project as a total success.

«The cooperation was demanding at times, but there was always an intensive exchange with exciting tasks for both sides. The technical consultants at Galledia had huge know-how.»

Diana Fenato, System Engineer Applications a&f systems ag

«We would like to thank Galledia for the great cooperation. It confirms to us that WoodWing Studio is an ideal solution for digital and forward-looking requirements.»

Stefan Schärer, Head of Sales & Marketing and Co-Owner a&f systems ag

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