How do you respond to a system failure? Kromer Print AG is prepared.

There is no absolute guarantee for avoiding a system failure. Power cuts, malware attacks or hardware defects are often unpredictable. Flawlessly functioning servers and a stable network and security environment are indispensable for smooth production operations. To ensure that production is not – or at least only briefly – compromised in an emergency, an emergency and redundancy test facilitates optimal preparation for the real event. Kromer Print AG in Lenzburg carried out such a test – together with A&F Computersysteme AG as their partner.

The objective

Kromer Print AG in Lenzburg specialises in the production and distribution of printed and electronic products. The family firm offers a broad range of products and services in the field of offset and digital printing. To ensure the company continues to live up to its reputation as a reliable partner, Kromer Print AG decided to carry out an emergency and redundancy test together with A&F Computersysteme AG. The development of redundant customer systems (firewall and switch cluster, server virtualisation, second backup location, etc.) is based on the objective of enabling uninterrupted or only minimally interrupted workflows in the event of component or resource failures or errors. The design emphasis for such requirements varies, depending on the specific circumstances and financial means.

“Thanks to the extensive test documentation of A&F Computersysteme AG, we are aware of the weaknesses and potential obstacles. These are directly incorporated into our risk management. This facilitates targeted action in the event of an emergency. The cost of the intensive testing is reasonable and pays for itself many times over when the short system downtime is taken into account.”
Andy Amrein, Managing Director of Kromer Print AG

The approach

In the emergency and redundancy test, failure and error scenarios for components and resources were simulated. A&F thereby verified and documented the design, function and implementation of redundant systems. For each error situation, the expected behaviour was described in advance, taking account of the design/function. The actual outcome of the real-life test was then recorded.

“With simulated failure and error scenarios of redundant components/resources, the design and/or function and their implementation is verified and documented.”
Andreas Sutter, Head of Security & Network Solutions, A&F Computersysteme AG

The recorded data facilitated adjustments, and a retake of the test at a later date identical in each step. A&F then prepared a detailed document illustrating the different failure and error scenarios.


The analysis of the emergency and redundancy test at Kromer Print AG facilitated improvements in design and function. It showed up the consequences of failure and error scenarios. The test allowed A&F Computersysteme AG to create definitions and codes of conduct for various situations.

“It verified that we did everything right. The test was a valuable confirmation”
Christiane Viatte, IT & Support, Kromer Print AG

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