Coop and D-Share Kolumbus – A Resounding Success

Together with a&f systems ag, Coop switched to the Kolumbus CMS by D-Share. Coop is more than satisfied, the switch was smooth. a&f has already been working with Coop for several years. Over the years, a friendship has formed. This is why a&f went to great length to find the perfect solution for Coop – and found it with Kolumbus by D-Share. The successful realisation was also thanks to Coop’s strong commitment. We asked for more details from Mr Marius Fink.

Mr Fink, why did you choose a&f and D-Share for this cooperation? How did it go?

Our partnership with a&f has been in place a very long time. Thus far, they have always proven reliable and very trustworthy. They recommended Kolumbus by D-Share and we immediately had confidence in them. a&f knows our philosophy and our in-house systems to a T, and the cooperation has always been perfect in the past.

»Coop and a&f are now in a partnership that far exceeds a customer-supplier relationship.»
Christian Glanzmann, Development and Innovations, a&f systems ag

What benefits does the new CMS offer?

Compared to our previous CMS, processes are simplified, and it offers a new layout. The prior CMS was no longer supported, and we found a perfect new solution with D-Share Kolumbus.

What was the deciding factor for Kolumbus? What convinced you in particular?

We were already using the D-Share ePaper, and were familiar with the company. Of course, it’s always a good idea to obtain all components from a single source. Moreover, Kolumbus came recommended by a&f, and we immediately trusted this recommendation.

»We have no regrets about the decision and are more than satisfied with D-Share Kolumbus.»
Marius Fink, Head of Press Production, Coop

Have your expectations been met?

Short answer: Yes! Absolutely.

How exactly and to what extent does Coop use Kolumbus by D-Share?

Naturally, print is our flagship that generated our largest revenue. Nevertheless, we also want to be strong and at the front of the digital market. This is where Kolumbus comes in. The solution is perfect for us.

How did the transition go?

The switch was smooth. a&f has already been working with our IT department for several years. We know each other. The relationship has become a friendship over the years.

What obstacles did you have to overcome?

The greatest obstacle was meeting the security requirement. Coop has 90,000 employees. That means a lot of regulations. In the end, a solution was quickly found for every aspect.

»The cooperation with D-Share is always extremely professional and dedicated. That makes it a joy to develop solutions for our customers together.»
Christian Glanzmann, Development and Innovations, a&f systems ag

Marius Fink.png Marius Fink, Head of Press Production, Coop

Would you like to find out more?

We would be delighted to assist you. Contact us.
Christian Glanzmann, Business Innovations
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