Chili-flavoured web-to-print shops

From father to son. From the village printers to a company for integrated communication in two locations. From typesetting to web-to-print. A story.

The starting point

Impress Spiegel AG can look back on a 40-year company history. The company started as a print shop and always stayed true to its core business, but expanded the portfolio with agency services. Since the big anniversary, the company has been split into two segments. While impress media und print, managed by Andreas Spiegel, focuses on the production of traditional printed products, mosaiq, managed by Reto Spiegel, revolves around communication and marketing solutions.

Impress Spiegel AG already launched its web-to-print offer in 2003 in response to the emergence of online printers. The company was among the pioneers in the operation of media automation and web-to-print solutions. Today, Impress Spiegel operates two online shops which cover B2C and B2B requirements.

The problem

The way to the B2C portal and the communication tool Booster for B2B customers was riddled with trial and error. The solutions were not fully developed yet, required high investments and failed to keep their promises. The Spiegel brothers struggled with expensive licences, insolvent manufacturers and empty promises from sellers. When the B2C web-to-print shop went live in 2012, the company had developed a connection to the in-house ERP system at great expense, but still had to deal with a half-finished editor. Promised developments failed to materialise.

The two owners of Impress Spiegel AG had to decide whether they should continue to invest in a cumbersome and overpriced software steamboat, or call it quits and upset their customers. Web-to-print technology had come a long way and the existing system had become obsolete beyond doubt.

The solution

a&f recommends checking out the Chili publisher from the Belgian newcomer Chili Publish. This manufacturer deliberately strives for an open solution that is exceptionally easy to integrate into other technologies. And that was exactly why it was chosen. As an online editor without web-to-print shop and the flexibility that brings, the solution perfectly met the expectations. The Chili editor was installed in both portals within less than two days.

»We were able to keep what was there and improve and refine it with the Chili editor.«
Reto Spiegel, Head of Marketing & Sales, mosaiq c/o Impress Spiegel AG

With the open shop Printdirect, Impress Spiegel offers its end customers a clear and easy-to-use web-to-print portal. The Booster brand gives business customers access to a closed shop with customised additional functions.
 Chili is integrated in both portals as editor.


The B2B-shop Booster is the hidden champion. Automated creations and order processes facilitate intense customer loyalty while the link to the ERP system eases the burden on Inbound Sales. Driven by the Chili publisher, Booster is a tool that impresses B2B customers, says Spiegel

Web-to-print at Impress Spiegel AG: Four (lasting) winning points for the Chili publisher   

  1. Modifiable tables can be saved, such as name lists for business cards. A link to various data sources makes this possible.
  2. The toolbox in the web editor can be redefined in accordance to each customer’s needs.
  3. Truck lettering or folded boxes can be reproduced easily. The 3D visualisation and excellent template presentation of the online editor are impressive.
  4. As usual, templates can be generated via InDesign, even though the Chili publisher works with an XML-based file format. An InDesign file is exported to the Chili server via a plug-in and converted into a Chili file.

Would you like to find out more?

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Martin Wicki, System Engineer Applications
Deputy Head of Applications, System Engineer Applications
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