Archiving and data backup at Stämpfli Group

The starting point

Different systems a large data volumes

Stämpfli Group is at home in the world of print and electronic publications and employs around 410 staff. The systems managed in the Berne, Zürich, Bregenz and Warsaw locations differ. Thus, the entire Stämpfli Group comprises several VMware instances in different zones. More that 300 virtual systems have to be backed up each day. In addition, image-heavy documents in the media and publication fields result in large data volumes

The challenge – a holistic change in concept

Until the end of 2015, the company backed up and archived all data on tapes. Due to the continuous increase in data volumes, data backup on tapes became too time-consuming and the backup window too short. A change in concept was needed. The actual data volume of more than 100 terabytes required flexible and fast data backup.

The solution

Objective of the new data backup system: Faster and more reliable data backup at a lower cost.
Objective of the new archiving concept: No memory overload and email archiving in accordance with the laws.

The backup solution – Veeam

Employing Veeam backup to disk with direct link to the Raid systems facilitated significantly faster backup of the Stämpfli Group data than had been possible with the tapes. In addition, Veeam secures entire systems rather than just individual files, and no backup agent installation on a virtual system is required. This saves time and resources. Veeam backup to disk reduces the error rate, increases reliability and simplifies the backup process. Once the data is successfully saved on the disk system, it is automatically backed up to tape. This prevents bottlenecks and reduces the burden on the internal LAN. Data can now also be backed up to tape throughout the day.

The archive solutions (file and mails) – Archiware and Barracuda Mail Archiver

Data is also backed up directly on the disk system for archiving. Internal media production processes large data volumes each day and places that data in pre-defined hot folders by process. Archiware automatically backs up the data in the system and then erases it from the production memory. This prevents memory overload. With the Archiware browser solution, users can easily and quickly re-archive necessary data as needed. Moreover, the software offers extended search options, such as a simple GUI. For the production archive, the Stämpfli Group has now done away with the tapes entirely. The archive is synchronised from Berne to Zürich daily. The cost-effective disk system removes the issue of data retention and the limited service life of tapes. 

The Barracuda Mail Archiver is used for email archiving in accordance with the laws. The solution archives all emails on a disk appliance before they are opened. This enables the restoration of deleted emails and business correspondence is retained in the archive for ten years.

On-site backup

For now, Stämpfli decided against data backup in the cloud. The current data volume is to high to backup the data in the cloud or at an external location. Faster data connections with suitable bandwidth are still expensive. However, the market is being monitored and partial areas may be backed up in the cloud in the future. 

»With the new archive and backup concept, we can reliably backup our data and restore it at any time. The decision for Veeam Backup and Archiware P5 Archive has proven successful to date.«
Thomas Kaeser, Deputy Department Manager, IT Services, Stämpfli Group


A new concept for archiving and backing up data – The benefits for the Stämpfli Group:

Veeam Backup

  • Fast and reliable data backup and restoration
  • No installation of backup clients
  • Complete system backup and good compression of the standard solution
  • Reduction in necessary IT resources
  • Options for backup at additional locations or in the cloud

Archiware P5

  • Automated archiving processes
  • Flexible search options
  • Simple GUI for fast re-archiving

Barracuda Email Archiving

  • Legally compliant archiving of all emails
  • Fast and easy restoration

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