Apple in Health – The Gynaecologist Willisau

In 2017, the gynaecologist practice of Dr. H. Oberhammer in Willisau decided on a new IT infrastructure. A complete transition was made from paper files and scheduling to electronic patient files.  Another change followed at the beginning of 2018: Dr. med. Gröger, Medical Specialist for Gynaecology and Obstetrics, took over the practice as successor. We wanted to know how working in the new Apple IT environment is going – and asked Dr. Gröger.

Dr. Gröger, you were already working in the practice back when the IT infrastructure was set up. How do you remember the process?

The prior consultations, the development and the realisation progressed quickly and smoothly. Of course, a few things had to be organised, but the cooperation was always harmonious. and we were always kept up-to-date on all progress. The A&F Apple System Engineers were very friendly and professional. Thanks to the internal specialist Apple Solutions department of A&F, we felt the guidance was solid.

Has anything changed since you took over the practice?

There were no major changes. We are still working in the same system environment. We are still using the simed practice software from amétiq, and both the laboratory (prescriptions and findings) and order management are fully electronic.

You decided on a pure Apple environment. How satisfied are you now, two years later?

I’m very satisfied with the Apple devices. I can usually rely on everything working robustly. There might be some minor issues after an update. If necessary, I hand the device to A&F and they will repair or replace the hardware. The usability of Apple devices is simple and user-friendly. Both me and my staff appreciate that a lot. Virus security is also high. We are using three iMacs and two MacBooks in the practice. Privately, I also use two iPads and iPhones. I would not want to change again.

You decided on A&F Monitoring. How would you describe your experience?

Thanks to A&F Monitoring, we are informed if any issues arise. However, that hasn’t happened yet. Not having to think about technical difficulties is important to us. And to have a contact in an emergency.

You are using the Mac mini as a server. Has this solution proven successful?

The Mac mini is a perfect server solution for our practice. Thanks to A&F Monitoring, we need not worry about anything else. Naturally, that makes our daily routine a lot easier.

I would always choose to install an Apple environment and highly recommend A&F.
Dr. med. Gröger, Medical Specialist for Gynaecology and Obstetrics

What is your conclusion two years on?

Apple devices are a joy to handle and we hardly have any issues. This allows us to focus on daily routines in the practice. Moreover, the A&F service has always been good. When we did need assistance, the case was handled via the ticket system. The response was always prompt and every issue was taken seriously.

Sabine Gröger.jpg Dr. med. Sabine Gröger, Medical Specialist for Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Would you like to find out more?

We would be delighted to assist you. Contact us.
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