Team creativity with Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams provides the whole team with all Creative Cloud desktop tools, apps and services.

Team creativity with Adobe Creative Cloud

You benefit from the Adobe Creative Cloud for Business Users and even more comprehensive tools for your company.

Updated Admin Console

The Admin Console interface has been restructured. This makes managing large teams and tracking license usage even easier and more intuitive. The number of licenses currently in use can be accurately tracked by filtering active and scheduled users. The search and sorting functions have also been simplified. This lets you accurately determine which licenses are active, which users have accepted the invitation and when licenses have to be renewed. It is also possible to manage several teams with a single Adobe ID.

Adobe Photoshop CC

The perspective of an image can be corrected during the editing process by warping it. Linked smart objects do not depend on Photoshop files and can be used in any number of documents. Also save valuable time with the improved layer compositions: The visibility, position and appearance of individual layers within one layer composition can now be adjusted and synchronised with all other compositions.

Adobe Illustrator CC

Any basic shape can be converted into an editable shape with the new interactive rectangle. The updated pencil tool makes it possible to create drawn paths freehand with accurate curves. And thanks to the “interactive corners” function, the corners of shapes and paths can be accurately and smoothly processed. The 2014 release of Illustrator CC makes creating and processing vector graphics easier and more intuitive than ever.

Adobe Muse C

This new edition with its native 64-bit application provides you with significantly higher performance in Muse CC. Let your customers adjust the contents of their activated websites directly in a browser. The websites can be hosted by Adobe or any other provider. Numerous elements posted by the design community, such as widgets, templates, wire frame models, etc. can also be downloaded, adjusted and used in website design.

Adobe InDesign CC

Drag and drop rows and columns to different places within the same table. Create high-quality, interactive EPUB books with selectable text. If the design and layout should be the same for all screen sizes, the format can easily be fixed. Your keyboard shortcuts and pre-sets are remembered when updating to a new InDesign version. Organise and manage colour fields with the help of groups in InDesign.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Process text from After Effects compositions without leaving Premiere Pro. Add a soft-edged mask that automatically moves together with the related object to make certain elements in your image unrecognisable (such as car registration plates) or to highlight them (e.g. logos). When you use effects on a master clip, the changes are automatically transferred to all clip copies.

Adobe After Effects CC

Improve your results for blue and green screen images that are highly compressed or of poor quality with the new keying effect. Quickly and easily convert text in your After Effects compositions into editable text for Premiere Pro with the help of live text templates. Apply effects to a certain area in your image. All masks, effects and tracker settings can be imported into Premiere Pro.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Show the markup in your document with the new element quick view. This interactive HTML structure view comprises both static and dynamic contents. You can also change the structure there. Quickly and easily insert HTML page elements and display these changes immediately in the preview with the “Insert” button in the live view. Inspect and change the properties of HTML elements in the live view. The results can be verified without having to reload the page.

Adobe Flash Professional CC

Export frames from Flash projects as SVG files. Change the line width in any location, exactly like contours in Illustrator. Add shape tweens for lines with a variable width. Set the properties, colour effects and transformations for your motion tweens. Publish animations in the WebGL format.

Adobe add-ons

You can also take advantage of the countless add-ons from other Creative Cloud applications such as Adobe Audition, Adobe SpeedGrade, Adobe Prelude, Adobe Edge Animate and Adobe InCopy. Test the new apps with which you can process sketches, drawings and photos anywhere. The Creative Cloud desktop tools, apps and services also provide you with access to files, fonts, colours and even the creative community.

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Adobe Sign – save time with electronic signatures

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