Purple DS®

All-in-one digital publishing solution for publishing houses and companies.

Purple DS®

There is digital publishing software and then there is Purple DS® – the all-in-one digital publishing solution. Create your own apps with Purple DS® for all popular devices to the delight of your target groups – without a single line of code!

Do you need more than an all-in-one solution? We use SPRYLAB IT Services to tailor the solution to perfectly meet your requirements and thus achieve a maximum of efficiency and individuality.

The Purple DS® provides you with everything you need to create, manage and publish digital publications.

All Purple DS® products can be easily combined and create a unique, seamless user experience. It is also simple to integrate all of your systems and implement individual requirements together with our team.

Key options – without any programming knowledge:

  • Native content creation or use of existing layouts (InDesign®, PDF, CMS, …)
  • Creation of kiosk, single issue or newsfeed apps
  • Effortless integration of interactions (e.g. pop-ups, image galleries, etc.) and animations (e.g. fade-in/out) using a fully integrated, powerful keyframe animation tool
  • Simple migration of individual issues and batches from Adobe DPS®, PDF, Pugpig®, Oomph® and other publishing platforms
  • Efficient transformation from print to mobile-optimised layouts with the Purple DS® Templating Client
  • App design that implements your individual ideas
  • Purple DS® has various production process options, from “pixel-perfect” to “fully-automated”.

Purple DS® product details

Purple DS® Manager

Purple DS® Manager is an efficient environment for creating your own native apps, manage contents and integrate ad servers, analysis tools, user databases (entitlement) and much more. 

Kiosk, single issue or newsfeed apps can be easily created and integrated in existing systems.

Purple DS® Composer

Purple DS® Composer is an innovative design environment for creating interactive and animated contents. Existing and new layouts or contents can be effortlessly converted into digitally optimised formats.

A fully integrated, powerful keyframe animation tool ensures that there are no limits to your creativity. Without any programming knowledge.

Purple DS® Templating Client

The revolutionary Purple DS® Templating Client lets you quickly and easily convert InDesign® print layouts into mobile-optimised formats for smartphone and tablet. 

InDesign® data is automatically structured in the process. Once structured, contents can be distributed directly to a CMS and from there to all channels. This makes it effortless to automatically publish and re-use contents. 

Purple DS® in action

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