Virtual platform for collaborative and centralised topic, content and project planning.

Improve the team work within your organisation with The planning platform is a solution that can be tailored to the size of any company or department for intuitively, transparently, centrally and efficiently organising and managing all kinds of projects and processes. Freely definable status landscapes depict all types of workflows, thus clearly visualising work progress. Groups, elements, sub-elements and updates are synchronised in real-time and team members can be informed automatically about specific progress steps and changes on both office PC and smartphone whilst on the go.

You can intuitively, transparently, centrally and efficiently organise and manage all kinds of projects and processes on

• Divide projects and processes into phases, milestones and campaign elements.
• See deadlines and responsibilities at a glance.
• Store files and updates centrally and accessible for all, if necessary.
• If you are an executive, call up the performance indicators and information that you need to gain an overview in the dashboard.

Project as well as topic planning can be used throughout a company for a multitude of team work tasks.

Planning marketing campaigns with No problem!

Using the digital tool for planning the entire contents of an editorial office or communications department? No problem!

Channel-neutral content is planned clearly, centrally and accessible to all. Publication data, responsibilities and dependencies are clearly shown and automated user messages improve process efficiency and make it easier to meet deadlines and react promptly to difficulties.

Clearly structured, centralised and intuitive: topic planning with

And best of all, you are always up to date, whether you are in the office or using on a smartphone on the go (iOS and Android). You can use as an independent solution for topic planning, but we also provide you with a bidirectional interface to WoodWing Studio. Changes to the publication date of a content in are automatically reflected in the WoodWing Studio dossier. a&f looks forward to assisting you with the analysis to integration of Test for yourself and arrange a non-binding demonstration or request free test access to!

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