The print and export solution enables printing and exporting in just one step.


Cost-effective and time-saving work, flawless production: MadeToPrint by axaio extends, enhances and optimises print and output processes, setting you free from inadequate and impractical output procedures. The intelligent print and export solution is available for various applications and platforms, as single workstation plugin and in different server versions.

MadeToPrint Standard

MadeToPrint is available as a plugin for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or InCopy or as XTension for Quark. It only takes a click of the mouse to manually print or export from the preferred text or layout application, whereby different output destinations can be controlled simultaneously.

The tool optimises production, checks and extends the output processes, and ensures flawless results. This boosts efficiency, saving time and costs.

Integration with Enfocus Switch facilitates easy configuration of the entire workflow.

MadeToPrint Auto

Automated processes, standardised workflows, minimised costs and errors. MadeToPrint Auto has all functions included in the Standard version, but executes these automatically based on the hot folder. The ideal solution for output standardisation, satisfying work and flawless production.

This version can equally be integrated with Enfocus Switch, while interfaces to editing system, such as WoodWing Enterprise are also available.

MadeToPrint Server

Processing large data volumes quickly: The MadeToPrint Server variant is configured via remote control, and guarantees reliability, stability and performance for outputs in InDesign-based environments. The server solution is available with connections to editing system, such as WoodWing Enterprise, while integration with Enfocus Switch remains an option.

Axaio software was founded in 2006 as a sister company of callas software. The company develops user-friendly tools for the automation and optimisation of export and print processes. Software solutions by axaio are used by printers, publishers, creative agencies, pre-press companies and package printers around the world.

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