Powerful solution for planning print publications of any kind.


With JournalDesigner, the German company dataplan offers a system that facilitates the organisation and scheduling of any content from advertisements to editorial elements. Specifications of advertising clients (exclusion of competition, editorial environment) are checked, as are technical restrictions (coupons, tip-ins, colour scheme) and editorial preferences (position, volume).

Flexible view and variable planning

JournalDesigner supports variable planning methods which can be applied to both, technical and content-related processes. The solution then offers a variety of views. Different print sheet types can be depicted, and page sizes and formats may vary within an edition. This also enables planning of punched pages, booklets, postcards and fold-outs of any type. Equally, several variants of one publication can be organised and managed simultaneously.

Moreover, JournalDesigner offers the option to provide geographic or demographic specifications for individual elements. This facilitates differentiated placement of the individual elements in each edition depending on the regions or subscriber groups.

On-schedule teamwork

Thanks to a sophisticated concept, configuration of the privileges of the different user groups is customised. The individual users communicate via the integrated chat and messaging system or the email/text message services of the DataplanServer. A conference function further allows several users to work on the same planning at the same time.

A schedule can be set up for all units. Here, the deadline by which a certain status must be achieved can be defined. If a deadline enters the early warning period or has already been exceeded, an automatic notification is sent out.

Overview of JournalDesigner

  • Placement of advertisements and editorial contributions in a structure plan
  • Definition of journal volume: from sample issues or print production
  • Adoption of advertisements from the booking system (SAP, VM, etc.)
  • Adoption of layout from editing system (WoodWing Enterprise, Quark QPS)
  • Placement from galleries with drag-and-drop
  • Monitoring of placement requests
  • Simple reorganisation with drag-and-drop and Parkbox (clipboard)
  • Free definition of type area, split pages, etc.
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