b.comp ImageOptimizerInterface

With the "b.comp ImageOptimizerInterface" images are updated in optimal resolution directly in the layout

b.comp ImageOptimizerInterface

Automated layout updates with optimised resolution

In close cooperation with b.comp GmbH, a&f systems ag developed the WoodWing Enterprise plugin ‘b.comp ImageOptimizerInterface’ to integrate the Elpical Claro image optimiser. Images placed on the layout can be sent to Claro, for example via status. When doing so, extensive metadata is transmitted to control Claro. This guarantees that the optimised images are automatically updated on the layout in the preferred resolution, the defined file format and the correct ICC profiles. 

Image optimisation made easy – How b.comp ImageOptimizerInterface works

Raw images usually come with different resolutions, colour spectrums and file formats. With the combination of b.comp ImageOptimizerInterface and Claro, images can be standardised automatically when checked into WoodWing Enterprise or Elvis. This ensures that layout artists can already evaluate the image material during placement. 

b.comp ImageOptimizerInterface writes InDesign adjustments of the image scale, image rotation, viewframe and reproduction instructions into an XML file in the form of metadata when the corresponding image status is reached. The Elpical Claro XML import interface takes in the metadata contained in the XML together with the image and uses them to control the image optimiser. The image sharpness is then calculated based on the specified resolution. If images are assessed in Adobe Photoshop via the Claro Inspector, the viewframe is visualised through guides. By the way: Thanks to the viewframe coordinates supplied, Claro can set parameters within the viewframe, which may improve image quality.  Optimised images are automatically available in Enterprise as a new image version for the update. 

Customised configuration

One of the many popular features of the b.comp ImageOptimizerInterface is the option to deliver images cropped to the viewframe defined in InDesign to downstream systems, such as WebCMS systems. The configuration b.comp ImageOptimizerInterface is highly customisable. This ensures maximum flexibility, as well as great efficiency gains in the production process. 

Client involved

a&f has installed the b.comp ImageOptimizerInterface for more than 20 renowned WoodWing customers in a short period of time. These range from small and large publishers to various commercial printers.

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Deputy Head of Applications, System Engineer Applications