Elvis DAM: Media Asset Management für schnelles Finden von Dateien

Elvis DAM

Elvis DAM combines a convenient user interface with outstanding performance. Familiar concepts, such as a search function similar to Google, full screen preview and drag-and-drop simplify management and research. The high-performance search engine by Elvis DAM delivers results in a flash – no matter how large the files are.

Elvis DAM facilitates creative cooperation. Since all files are stored in one place, the location and timing of asset use can be checked at any time. As an open platform with unlimited scalability, Elvis DAM fits into the technology landscape of any project. 

Efficient creation processes

Layouts and images are directly edited in Adobe InDesign through Elvis DAM. All file versions can be tracked which simplifies cooperation.

Upload files

Elvis DAM features a user-friendly drag-and-drop function that facilitates fast uploads of digital assets. That saves a lot of time. Elvis automatically extracts file metadata contained in one of the Elvis folders. In addition, miniature and preview images of the content are created. This avoids lengthy and repetitive steps and facilitates fast file uploads and organisation. 

Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

Integrating Elvis DAM with Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) facilitates straightforward editing of Photoshop and InDesign files. A Photoshop file is selected directly in Elvis DAM. Changes are implemented without having to save them locally or switching between tabs. The InDesign workflow is similar. Elvis always ensures that changes are saved and the images are linked. 

Automated versioning

Elvis automatically versions changes to assets or designs. Each time a file is closed in InDesign or an image is edited, Elvis creates and saves a new version. 

Easy cooperation

With the one-clock share function, teams can work together on an asset. The release function allows other persons to evaluate the design and comment. Publication times are noticeably reduced. The creation of an upload link allows external designers and photographers to save their files in a central location. 

Easy and sophisticated file administration

Thanks to the central storage, all content is organised in a single location. Allocation of privileges ensures that only the right persons have access to certain files.

Meaningful metadata and effective tagging

When adding files in Elvis DAM, associated information (metadata) is automatically uploaded at the same time. Technical information (file name, file size, file format, date of creation) are extracted during this process. In addition, keywords can be selected from a taxonomy and metadata can be added manually. 

Controlling privileges

Privileges can be individually configured to define who can see, download or edit digital content. Thanks to integrated watermarks, usage authorisations can be identified. 

Finding and sharing data fast

Elvis DAM makes it easy to organise assets by folders, metadata and collections. Fast, web-enabled previews and miniatures are used by Elvis DAM to instantly show digital files and simplify the search for them. The Elvis brand portal facilitates convenient file transfer to local branches, businesses or colleagues. The required content can be downloaded at any time and from anywhere as needed.

Adjusting the architecture to the requirements

The system uses the same search technology as Wikipedia. An unlimited number of files and range of file types can be processed and indexed, search results are displayed within seconds, and the system is can be scaled up as desired. Thanks to the open API, the functional spectrum of Elvis DAM can be extended as required.

An introduction to Elvis DAM Digital Asset Management

WoodWing Software was founded in 2000 and is based in Zaandam, Netherlands. Today, WoodWing is a global market leader for multi-channel publishing and digital asset management solutions. Together with selected partners, WoodWing supports customers in more than 100 countries. WoodWing offers innovative tools for the publishing sector using modern technologies.



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