Installation and integration

We complete planned installations quickly and reliably.

Installation and integration

Are you planning to restructure your system or are you looking for an entirely new solution? From full ITC environments to developing publication solutions – our experts look forward to assist you with the realisation of your projects.

Quick and reliable installation

For daily business to run smoothly, it requires the right hardware and software that has been professionally installed. Our qualified experts quickly and reliably perform the planned installations to ensure that daily business not unnecessarily disrupted, even during the restructuring phase.

Integrating and connecting third-party systems

In a heterogeneous IT landscape, it is crucial that third-party systems are professionally integrated and connected. Our experts look forward to supporting you with the long-term integration of current and future systems.

Our services

  • Consulting, analysis, design and evaluation
  • Installation and integration
  • Training and trend workshops
  • Production support and introduction
  • Helpline
  • Support, maintenance and repairs
  • 24/7 emergency and stand-by service
  • IT outsourcing
  • Cloud services