24/7 emergency and on-call services

Emergencies do not keep to office hours. Protect yourself with an on-call contract.

24/7 emergency and on-call services

Emergencies often occur outside of regular office hours. To ensure that action can be taken in good time, a&f offers its customers professional emergency support 24/7. We are happy to assist with IT issues or failures – quickly and reliably.

Emergency hotline and on-call service

The A&F on-call team comprises around 30 team members, of which 6 individuals are always available at any given time. Our objective is to ensure time-critical production 24/7 all year round. The individual contract dictates response and intervention times. A&F offers the right solution for every company.

24/7 offers

  • MEZZO piano: Response time: 3 hours; intervention time: 6 hours
  • MEZZO forte: Response time: 2 hours; intervention time: 4 hours
  • GRANDE piano: Response time: 1 hours; intervention time: 3 hours
  • GRANDE forte: Response time: 30 minutes; intervention time: 90 minutes
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Stefan Schärer

Head of Sales & Marketing, Co-Owner, Member of the Executive Board

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