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Content first – das Redaktionssystem

What can an editorial system do? Why is content is the focus? Who is such a system suitable for? In this article, we explain what the editorial system is all about and why you should take a closer look at WoodWing Studio.

Content first - you have probably heard or read this before. Specifically, it means shifting content production away from being channel-oriented towards creating individual content pieces. Content must be created in a simple way, issued digitally fast and at the same time, it should be easily used for printed publications. This is where WoodWing Studio comes into play. The editorial system closes the gap between digital and print. As the world's largest WoodWing integrator and Diamond partner, we have been relying on WoodWing for over 17 years

Editorial system - an explanation

Now more than ever, media companies need fast and flexible solutions to cope with the exponential growth of online content. Therefore an agile workflow for content creation is essential. The consistency and quality of the stories produced are just as essential. An editorial system like WoodWing Studio enables media companies and publishers to introduce a channel-neutral workflow for content creation. Such a workflow not only ensures intelligent publication on all channels but also makes sure that archived content can be reused and republished quickly and easily. What sets WoodWing Studio apart:

  • Efficiency is the top priority
  • Team cooperation as a cornerstone
  • Content creation for every channel
  • Future-proof system
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Integration of Adobe InDesign and InCopy
  • Comprehensive area of ​​application

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Editorial system - how channel-neutral works

WoodWing Studio supports new channel-neutral content creation processes. A story is created and automatically structured In the Editor of WoodWing Studio. This structured content is channel-neutral and can therefore be easily adjusted to any format. With just a few clicks, variants of the story can be created, modified, and automatically published on other digital channels or placed on a print layout. At a glance:


  • True content-first approach: content automation for ultimate flexibility.
  • Automated production: the choice of the channel is immaterial, multichannel production can be easily automated.
  • Story variants instead of completely new articles: develop, adapt, compile and flexibly publish variants for any channel with just a few clicks.
  • Recycling your content: made easy due to the simple creation of story variants.
  • Neutral content leads to a neutral workflow: the intuitive and automatic structuring ensures channel neutrality. Everyone in the team has access to all of the content and story variants.

Editorial system - who is it for

WoodWing's editorial system is designed for various areas of application, such as:

  • Publishers: newspapers, magazines, specialist publications
  • Marketing departments: websites, online and offline brochures, printed and digital magazines, apps
  • Advertising and marketing agencies: printed and digital advertisements, advertorials
  • HR departments: newsletters, reports, corporate communications
  • Product manager: whitepapers, technical documentation
  • Authorities: reports, guidelines
  • Finance departments: quarterly and annual reports, studies

Editorial system - one step further

WoodWing Studio can be connected to various applications. For example, with the digital asset management (DAM) solution WoodWing Assets. With WoodWing Assets you can organize, manage and find your pictures and other files. It is characterized by close integration with Adobe products such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. This allows users to edit layouts and images directly and synchronize them with WoodWing Asset. WoodWing's DAM also uses the latest technology, including flexible REST and Webhooks APIs for the integration with existing tools, Elasticsearch, and enterprise-grade security and support for single sign-on. WoodWing Assets is ideal for marketing teams and publishers to store, manage, collaborate and share digital files internally and externally. Familiar concepts such as Google-like search, full-screen preview, and drag-and-drop make administration and research easier. The powerful search engine from WoodWing Assets delivers results very quickly - no matter how large the files are.

WoodWing Studio also supports digital publishing options. This includes:

Mobile-App-Publishing (Mobile App publishing)

  • Purple DS by SpryLab
  • Mobio
  • Adobe AEM


  • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Apple News


WoodWing Studio

WoodWing Assets

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