WoodWing: Five tips on how creative agencies can be more successful with DAM

DAM für Agenturen

DAM systems are more than just a way to organize digital files. They bring order into creative chaos, make processes safe and scalable, save time and money and help you to retain customers and employees. We explain to you how you as an agency can benefit from it.

Whether you are an aspiring agency looking to grow - or simply looking for innovative ways to increase efficiency, improve your margins and strengthen your brand in the current crisis, digital asset management (DAM) can help you with it.

1. Control the chaos

Agency life thrives on innovations and ideas. Considering changing customer needs, agencies need to be agile and able to react quickly to changing resources, tasks and schedules. Despite the tried and tested project management, control can become a real challenge. In order to work effectively, processes must be optimized and controlled wherever possible. A DAM system grows with you and provides a secure and scalable way to store and access assets and work with them together as a team. The advantages at a glance:

  • 24/7 access to assets, no more than three clicks away
  • Secure storage and transmission of sensitive customer files
  • Integrated approval processes, audit trail and version control
  • Easy collaboration and seamless workflows

2. Increase your margins

No matter how successful your agency business is, cost savings are always welcome. And an effective DAM system can deliver that. By improving the efficiency of agency processes, digital asset management makes your entire team more productive. Save time searching for assets or finding out which versions you currently need right. By relieving yourself and your employees of these laborious tasks and frustrating delays, you have more time to do what you do best: creating value for your customers through exceptional creativity and the best customer service. Regardless of whether you use this time to provide more output for existing customers or to find new customers with well-prepared pitches - your team can only benefit from more available hours.

3. Develop new sources of revenue

As a DAM reseller, you can open up new sales opportunities with your agency through WoodWing Assets. Many of WoodWing's agency clients become administrators and hosts of DAM systems for several of their own clients. a&f's intuitive reseller system and customer support make it easy for you to generate additional revenue for your company.
Improve your finances, protect your business during an economic regression, and free up capital for growth when the time is right for the next step. a&f systems will be happy to advise and show you your options as a WoodWing reseller.

4. Work more flexible in terms of time and place

From small agencies working from home during the current crisis to large agencies with branches in several countries - DAM makes assets accessible whenever and wherever you need them. This provides you with greater flexibility, a smooth collaboration between employees at different locations and in different time zones. No more waiting for the graphic designer in charge to return from vacation and send over the latest version of the artwork. No more trying to find files on different colleagues' workstations while they work at home. Everything is stored centrally, available online 24/7. If you are planning to expand offices in other cities, digital asset management should be an integral part of your considerations from the start.

5. Attract talent

Successful agencies know that convincing and retaining customers over the long term are key success factors. However, recruiting and retaining talented and loyal employees are just as important. To inspire customers, you need a team that inspires - from excellent customer service to tracking down unique ideas to delivering extraordinary designs. And to do that, you need to offer an attractive work environment and an attractive employer brand. Creativity is the cornerstone of your company. So it only makes sense that design talents are happiest when they can flourish rather than dealing with administration. A DAM system frees your creative employees from annoying duties and maximizes the time they can spend doing what they love to do best. The search for the surprising big idea. Of course, agency life is not just about design. You also need to convince the project managers in charge and your IT experts. If you give these talents attractive and effective tools, you will increase employee satisfaction, enhance the attraction of your work environment and thus improve your customers' commitment.


As the world's largest WoodWing integrator, a&f systems can show you how to incorporate the five tips into your everyday life. Get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you competently and reliably.

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