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What are the advantages of the cloud? Which customers are better suited to an on-premises solution? In an interview, Philippe Lindegger clarifies what points to consider and which questions companies should ask themselves.

Many customers are still undecided when it comes to the issue of «Cloud vs. On-Premises». In an interview with Philippe Lindegger, we highlight the most important questions that a company should ask itself.

a&f: Hello Philippe, please tell us a little bit about yourself: who are you and what are your responsibilities at a&f systems?

Philippe Lindegger (PLI): I am Philippe Lindegger, co-owner, designated managing director and I am responsible for the area of «System Engineering» at a&f systems ag, which also includes the «Cloud Solutions» specialist team. I originally come from Systems Engineering, I have a technical background and for over 10 years, I have provided ICT consulting services to customers. I always have a transparent and solution-oriented approach and, together with the customer, try to find them the best suitable option.

a&f: For which customers is a&f systems the right cloud contact?

PLI: All customers from the media and creative industries, such as publishers and media houses, printers, agencies, corporates, but also architects or other customers with a large volume of data, for example, event management or the film and music industry. a&f draws on 36 years of practical experience in on-premises (local) installations and actively uses this knowledge in a cloud project. For us, the customer is more than just a number; we maintain close contact and in doing so, actively introduce industry experience. Direct contact with manufacturers also has an influence on our update strategy and we always look at the big picture to ensure that production is guaranteed at all times.

a&f: Does it make sense to migrate the entire local ICT infrastructure?

PLI: It is less beneficial in industries in which our customers are out and about. Wherever large volumes or difficult data are processed, we recommend a hybrid solution. This means that only production-critical systems, for example, the editorial system incl. peripheral systems, PIM, DAM, or MAM systems, or the backup are migrated to the cloud.

a&f: As a customer, should I invest in new local hardware?

PLI: We recommend local operation of systems that manage large volumes of data. In other words, a file server or a data repository for performant video clips. Before migration to the cloud, we work with the customer to create a list of all services currently operated. Then we can look and see which services should continue to be operated locally, and which can be transferred to the cloud. A multi-cloud strategy is usually applied. This means, for example, that file-sharing continues locally, collaboration (e-mail, contacts, calendar) are in a public cloud (Google, MS365 or similar), and production-critical systems (editorial systems, PIM, MAM, DAM, and their peripheral systems) are in a private cloud (e.g. a&f Community Cloud). In the Community Cloud, the resources are flexible, and thus costs can also be better scaled and budgeted for.

a&f: How can I guarantee the security and accessibility demanded today?

PLI: The data centre operator, in our case, the Green data centre in Zürich-West, together with a&f take on responsibility for the infrastructure and fully meet the usual industry standards. Here are a few of the most important points:

  • structured in accordance with the Tier IV standard
  • multiple redundant connection
  • maximum redundancy for power and cooling
  • internationally certified
  • comprehensive security systems
  • DDoS protection
  • scalable backup and disaster concepts
  • 365x24 service
  • modifiable SLAs
  • One face to the customer / SOP (Hosting/Cloud and systems = a&f)
  • extensive knowledge from the a&f Cloud Solutions specialist department
  • broad installation basis, and customer references from all industries

With the move to the cloud, responsibilities shift from internal IT administrators to the provider. This reduces the workload and gives the internal specialists more time for strategic tasks.

a&f: How can I hand over responsibilities via the production environment?

PLI: a&f actively monitors their own systems and can react 365x24 with a dedicated on-call team. Like in an on-premises environment, we are used to reacting in a time-critical manner and, if necessary, have direct intervention options with the software manufacturers. This guarantees production at all times. We also carry out regular control tasks at the infrastructure, system and application level. In the event of irregularities, we define the next steps with the customers. This is greatly appreciated and for this reason, more and more on-premises customers are backing our cloud offers.



Philippe Lindegger, Head of System Engineering, designated managing director, co-owner


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